The different uses of weighbridges and their lifespan make how you choose them crucial. For this reason, we have different finishes and installations to better adapt to the needs of each client.


It is a weighbridge with a metal and concrete structure which can be installed on-ground or built-in. The customer can choose between the possibility to buy one that just been concreted in the factory or pour the concrete during the installation.


It is a weighbridge with a metal structure and concrete, it offers different possibilities in their structure and installation so as to achieve a superior adjustment to the necessities of their surrounding environment.


A mixed weighbridge ideal for quarries and industrial usage. It is highly resistant, so ideal for demanding environments.


Unidirectional weighbridge which can be installed on the ground or on metal or concrete structures, and can sustain regular heavy usage


A weighbridge with a removable central sheet, which allows the pit to be easily cleaned. Ideal for demanding environments.


Mixed weighbridge with different installation options according to the needs of the ground. Option of installation with notch or with load cell under beam.