Product presentations, individual files, user manuals and catalogs of all Giropès design and manufacturing products.

User Manual GI400/GI410 v.6.5 (EN)
User Manual GI430 v.3.3 EN
User Manual R45/R100 v.3 EN
BPPCE EVO (30-60t) presentation
BPPCE EVO (60-80t) presentation
BPPCE EVO (100t) presentation
G5i presentation
WPI presentation
BEP presentation
BPGSM (80-100t) presentation
G3S individual file
G3M individual file
G8R individual file
G6M individual file
G1I individual file
CWS40-20 individual file
B8C individual file
BPPSE (30-60t) presentation
BMC individual file
GRP individual file
BGH individual file
PTC individual file
B7C individual file
BHE individual file
WPC presentation
B4C individual file
BM individual file
GI410i PRINT presentation
GI430 presentation
GI400 BAT LI ION presentation
R45 presentation
R100 presentation
TP410 presentation
TP410i presentation
B6C individual file
GST4 presentation
Pallet trucks presentation
G1T individual file
GTD individual file
GTH individual file
G2i individual file
Individual file G1M
Individual file G1G
G2T individual file
G4M individual file
BGU individual file
BHS individual file
PA individual file
B4CR individual file
BPGSH individual file
BPGEM weighing containers presentation
GBOX8 presentation
Presentation GI400-EX / GI410-EX
GI430D Presentation
GI-HPP presentation
BMS presentation
GI650i presentation
ENAC accreditation (ISO17025)
ISO 9001_2015 certificate
GIAPP presentation
ATEX scales presentation
GTC presentation
G6R presentation
GI620 presentation
RFID system presentation
GI650D presentation
WPO presentation
G6MD individual file
G8R-CP individual file
GI4xx improvements
Production lines
Mobile weighing
Weighing systems for material control
Weighing systems for waste treatment
Weighing process control for industry
G5N presentation
G8RD presentation
GBOX8D presentation
GI650 ABS presentation
Presentation Weight Rodes Gamma PM
Metal Mats
External Battery Atex Zone
Presentation Giropes_GI620-W
Presentation PMR/PMS/PMT Wireless
GISCALE presentation
TP410 ATEX Presentation
Mat set PM user manual
User Manual - Weighbridge V.1.4
User Manual - Totaliser V.1.4
Catalogue INDICATORS 2023
Catalogue LOAD CELLS 2023
Catalogue PLATFORMS 2023
P4A/P4A-R Presentation
BPP presentation
GI620 Compact - EN
GI620 Compact - User manual - Axle weigher
GI620 Compact - User manual - Wheel weigher
BPXL presentation