Wide range of products and weighing solutions to suit the needs of our customers. Our catalogue is designed to offer a complete weighing installation, optimising resources in different sectors, as well as being able to offer solutions in management and monitoring of stock, materials or treated waste.


Giropès can assess you about the different steps you must follow so that your project as well as your weighbridge choice, be that for trucks, vans, trains, containers or other elements and big volume vehicles, is the correct one.

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Wide range of platforms which allow the weighing of different products. Our platforms adapt themselves to the characteristics of the products and to the different weighing environments of the industrial context

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Mobile weighing

Weighing movable system which allows us to weigh products wherever they are

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Increasing range of weighing indicators for different locations and applications

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All type of products related to the weighing process, from computer Software to control devices such as traffic lights or barriers, together with web Platforms, Terminals Software or Mobile Applications

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Load cells

Load cells for multiple applications in different industrial sectors

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