The accessories and other extras of the platforms enable a customization of the product, allowing the achievement of the most successful result for the customer.


Backrest for BMC. Tray of metal sheet in painted steel or in stainless steel.

Table cart-load

Table cart-load form BMC. With column and indicator support.

Galvanized rollers

Galvanized rollers for BMC. For a better isolation of the cell from the exterior environment.


Column for indicator

Platforms ramps

Ramps for PTC-B4C-WPI to enter on the weighing area of the scale.

Cubicles for platforms

Cubicles for platforms PTC-WPL-B4C-WPI

Column for GRP-BMS-BMC

Column for versions GRP, BMS and BMC in stainless steel.

Support to

Support to for BHE and B4C to lean bars with metal steel shape.

Frame to pit

Frame of angular steel shape with root feet to end the building of the ditch.

U transport

Accessory U for the transport of the platform.