Outstanding projects

Giropès' extensive experience has led to the creation of several successful complete installations in companies in many different fields, from the agricultural sector to waste treatment and even the aeronautical, competition, logistics and industrial sectors, among many others.

Weight control systems on Chadian roads

New weighing systems integrated with Gesdyn software, implemented on Chadian roads to detect and penalize overloaded vehicles.

Accuracy and reliability for production and packaging lines

Production and packaging lines require high precision and flexibility that can only be achieved with the application of the most advanced technologies.

Optimization of the inbound and outbound truck process

360º solutions for the livestock and agriculture sector, optimizing and automating access points to speed up the entry and exit of vehicles.

Optimize management and minimize environmental impact

We build, transport and install a new bridge scale with galvanized finish and capable of weighing vehicles with up to 60T of load in Andorra.

Weigh dumpers and heavy-duty trucks

Durable, resistant and automated bridge scales for weighing dumpers in West Africa and managed with the Gestruck software.

Bridge scales for weighing trains in Morocco

Built and prepared in our facilities to be later transported, delivered and assembled by our specialists in the area.

Hardware renewal with the same software

Renovation of automated weighing stations for aggregate processing, earth moving and public works.

Complete weighing stations for Chad

The Ministry of Traffic and Road Safety has installed several weigh-in-motion stations in different parts of the country.

Technology and maintenance for waste management in Malaga

A combination of Giropes software to enable our customer's automated weighing stations to be fully connected to each other.

Castellón port terminal

Project carried out for a terminal in Castellón, expanding its capacity to control the weight of containers and adding to the process of responding to the needs of its customers.

Installations and periodic maintenance of our weighbridges

More than 20 years working with a world leader in the manufacture and marketing of copper and copper alloy semi-finished products.

Gesnet, the software for the recycling industry 4.0

Innovative technology and installations that digitize glass recycling in Barcelona.

The Giropes SL team has installed several facilities at the Mercabarna Foodback.

Giropes SL team has completed a range of installations in Mercabarna Foodback

Installation of WPI Platform at Mercabarna Fish Market

Giropes SL team has installed a WPI Platform at Mercabarna Fish Market

Installation of weighbridge at Perelada Caves i Vins

Giropes has installed a BPCTH weighbridge at the new Perelada Caves i Vins winery.

Unattended weighing systems at the Port of Seville

Automation of four weighing systems via Gestruck PRO software and GST4 self-service terminals for the Port of Seville.

Automated weighing in six production lines

Giropes has installed various weighing systems managed by GISCALE software in six production lines at the facilities of Grupo Lucas, in Murcia.

Weighing station in a potassium salt mine

Giropes has installed a weighing station consisting of two special train weighing balances and two BPBSH bridge scales for the mining, treatment and sale of potassium salts.

80 scales with WIFI connection for fruit production line

Giropes has designed and commissioned a production line with 80 weighing systems in Corinth, Greece

Automation of the scales in the Ca na Putxa sorting plant in Ibiza

Installation of an automation system consisting of two weighbridges for the entry and exit of vehicles from the Ca na Putxa sorting plant in Ibiza

Aircraft portable weighing system

Giropes has designed and supplied a weighing system for the FlyBy flight school for the weight control of their aircraft.

Production and packaging line with wifi devices

This installation stands out for being connected through a wireless WIFI network, allowing control and management through the GISCALE PRO software without cables.

Installation and automation of 3 weighbridges at the Port of Valencia

Giropes has carried out the manufacture, installation and automation of a new weighing system in the terminal of APMT Valencia.

Installation of a weighbridge on an oil platform

Giropes has completed the installation of a weighbridge on the Petroinstal SL oil platform in Ascó.

Weighing system in a recycling plant in Vallès Occidental

Installation of an automated weighing system which allows the user to control completely the recycling plant and the waste treatment.

Weighing station for the La Vinyeta winery

Giropes has installed a weighing station for vehicles at the La Vinyeta winery in Alt Empordà.

Soluciones Raber - manufacture of single-use products

Giropès has installed equipment for sorting and discarding by weight in the packaging lines of disposable cardboard products.

Port of Ghana

Installation of 23 weighbridges at one of the largest ports in Africa

Weighing equipment for the manufacture and packaging of vegetable chips

Installation of different types of weighing equipment for the management and monitoring of the manufacture and packaging of vegetable chips

Biomass Plant in Cubillos del Sil, one of the largest in southern Europe

Giropes has participated in the construction of one of the most important biomass plants in Spain, located in Cubillos del Sil (León), with the installation of two ruck scales to control the access to the plant.

Weighing system at the Vilanant biogas plant

Installation of a weighing system for a Biogas plant in Vilanant. With this installation, Giropes expands its range of installations related to renewable energies.

Weighing system for the limestone quarry in Sant Jaume de Llierca

Installation of a weighing system for a limestone quarry in Sant Jaume de Llierca. The incorporation of a highly resistant BPGSH mixed weighbridge allows the aggregates extracted from the quarry to be highly controlled.

Production line in L'Escala

Giropès has done the installation of an automated production line in Anxoves de L'Escala, a treatment and conservation company of anchovies.

Installation and automation of a weighbridge galvanised for a slaughterhouse

Installation of a BPPCE EVO Galvanised scale, for the livestock slaughterhouse, Escorxador Frigorífic Reixach S.L in Hostalric, Girona.

GIRWIM weighing system with BPPEM axle weighing

Giropès installed in Tajikistan the new weighing control system of the GIRWIM brand in different places in a road of this Asian country.

Automated weighing system in Vilamalla

Installation of an automated weighing system which allows the user to control completely the recycling plant and the waste treatment.

BPGMO Weighbridges in the Port of Barcelona

11 BPGMO lorry weighbridges installed in a terminal in the Port of Barcelona for controlling incoming and outgoing goods.

Production line in Yens

Installation of an automated line of production in Domaine des Loveresses, a company of cultivation and packaging of agricultural products.

Automated weighing system in Pedret i Marzà

Giropès has installed an automated weighing system that allows total control of the recycling and waste treatment plant.

Weighbridges BPGSM in Sant Hilari Sacalm

Installation of two weighbridges to control and manage the entries and exits of the different materials.

Weighing station for fruit harvesting

Giropes has carried out the manufacture and, through one of its trusted distributors, the installation and automation of two complete weighing systems for the various cultivation and production areas of Giropoma Costa Brava S.L. in Girona.

Installation of a weighbridge scale for a waste plant on the Costa Brava

Giropes has completed the installation of a weighbridge for vehicles at the Platja d'Aro waste plant in the Costa Brava.

BPGSM weighbridge in Vilamalla

Installation of a truck scale BPGSM in Servicentre Guitart for the management of the entrance and exit of the materials and products.