This legal warning establishes the access conditions to the Web From now on, the Web and the use of its contents such as its design, data base, texts, images, photographs, sound or any other creation that appears in this web will be subjected to the legal matters specified below.

This Web is owned by Giropes SL, situated in the avenue Empordà intern.c/f parcela 15-16, 17469 Vilamalla ( Figueres) ,, registered in the Mercantil Register of Girona, Volume 2204, book 0, Page 191, section 8, Page number GI36610, 1st Registration , date 11/12/2004-NIF B 17485319.

Phone Number: +34 972 527 212

The owner of the intellectual rights of the Web, as well as the responsible for the treatment of the data of personal identification contained through the Web is the Holder.

The use of this Web entails the condition of User, and this implies the total acceptance of the conditions specified in the latest Web version. The Holder has the right to modify, at any time, the presentation and configuration of the Web, as well as the General Conditions of the Web Use. It is for that reason that , the Holder, recommends to the user to read the following conditions attentively each time s/he consults the following Web.

In general, Users can access the Web freely (with no need of payment)

The user compromise himself to use the Contents according to the law, to these General Conditions, as well as with the morality and good manners generally accepted.

The User obliges himself to use the Contents in a correct and legal way and it particular he compromises himself at NOT TO:

  • The Contents in a way that go against the law, the morality or the good manners generally accepted.
  • Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any public modality, transform or modify the Contents, except if one has the approval, acceptance and authorization of the holder of this right or this is admitted by law.
  • To violate propriety intellectual or industrial rights which belong to the holder or thirds.
  • Use the Contents and ,in particular, any type of information obtained through the Web to advertise or use it as a means of direct selling or any other type of commercial purpose, send messages to people with independence of its real purpose, as well as the commerce or divulgation of any other type of information.

The User will be responsible for all the damages of any type that the Holder could suffer, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the avoidance of any of the obligations derived from the General Conditions or the law, in relation with the use of these Web. The non authorized use of the Contents of this Web or the damage of the rights of the intellectual propriety of the Holder will end in the application of the responsibilities detailed in the actual law.

The Holder will constantly fight for the respect of the actual law and will be allowed to interrupt or eliminate , at his/her own criteria, the Contents or exclude the User from the Web in case of being him/her suspect of any of the frauds specified typified by the actual Penal Code, or also in case of detecting any conduct which , according to the Holder, is against morality, order, or good manners or that it can interfere with the proper working , image, respectability of the Holder.

The Holder has the right to interrupt the access to his website or any or all of the Contents that appear in the web site , at any moment and with no need to announce it. Be it for security reasons, technical, control, keeping, failures or any other reason.

It is for that reason that the Holder does not warranty the reliance, the availability or the continuity of his website or its Contents. So the use of these ones by the User are his own responsibility and if there is any problems at any moment the responsibilities are not of the Holder but of the User.

The Holder will not be responsible if there are interruptions in the service, failures or delays and, in general, any other problems which have their origin in causes which are not under the control of the Holder, or due to an incorrect use of the User , or be the failure reason of a Major Force. According and following the rules established in the Civil Code, the concept of Major Force include all those acts which are not under the control of the Holder such as: failure at third people, companies of service, Govern acts, failure of access to nets, acts or omissions from the Public Authorities, or those which are a result of natural disasters, etc, or the attack of hackers or people specialized in altering the security or integrity of the computer system. At any case, be whatever the cause, the Holder won’t accept any responsibility for the direct or indirect damages. The Holder will have the right, without having to pay any money to the User for these facts, to stop temporarily the services and contents of his website to realize keeping operations or to improve its website.

The Holder does not warranty or assume any type of responsibility for the damages suffered by the access to contents at third people through connections, links or hypertext. The function of the hypertext that appear in the Web is just to inform to the User of the existence of other sources of information in Internet, where s/he can improve the data offered through this Web page. But the holder is not responsible of the result obtained through these hypertext or the consequences caused to the user by the access at these pages. These Contents at thirds are obtained through them, it is for this reason that the holder can not control and do not control the legality of these Contents or the quality of the services offered by them.

The Holder is not responsible of all types of damages which can be produced due to virus or other damaging elements contained in the contents which can produce any alteration to the computer systems or to the documents or systems kept in them.

The Holder is not responsible for the use that the User makes of the services and products of the Web pages or its passwords, or for any other material of the Web site, not respecting the intellectual or industrial propriety rights or any rights at thirds.

All the Contents of this Web page such as text, images, photos, logotypes, graphics, icons as well as the graphic design and the software are exclusive propriety of the Holder or thirds, which rights are recognizes previously by the Holder, and which are subjected to intellectual or industrial propriety rights protected by the national and international legislation actual at any particular time.

The breach of any of the rights commented above could constitute a violation of the corresponding dispositions, as well as a punished crime according to the articles 270 and the following ones from the Penal Code.

The User its only entailed to visualize and download the contents of the web for personal use but not a commercial one.

The Holder, with complete knowledge of the use and treatment that personal data must be given and following the actual legal law in that matter, has included in his organization a system to preserve the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data considered as personal. It guarantees that personal data will be used with the purpose, the manner and the limitations and rights given by the Organic Law 15/1999, of Data Protection of Personal Character.

The Holder informs to the Users that the data given in the moment of registering as User or subsequently through the services provided, they will be introduced in an archive propriety of the Holder. Such data will be used for the management of the relationship with the other Users, increase or betterment of the Contents and for the sending of information or advertisement through e-mail. In the case of commercial communications via e-mail or similar, the fact to facilitate their data to the Holder is equivalent to their authorization for the sending of advertisement by another similar way.
Such consent is given without damage of all the rights which assist the User according to the L.O 15/1999, and specially of the possibility that the User can practice freely the rights of opposition, rectification, information or cancellation of his personal data and revocation of the authorization without retroactive effects, which he can exercise by writing a demand to the Holder to the e-mail address:

The Holder communicates to the User the non compulsory character of the fill in of all this data to receive the services. However, if the User does not fill in this data it could be possible that the Holder can not give some services related to having this data stored. In this way the Holder has no responsibility for the incomplete help in such services.

In any case, the User will recognize the truth of all the data given. The Holder has the right to exclude from its services to all the users who have facilitated any false data.

In accordance with what is established in the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) 679/2016, we inform you that GIROPES SL is responsible for processing data for the purpose of advertising to customers and that the legitimacy is based on the consent of the interested party

The Holder informs that during the surfing through our web pages the cookies are not used, little data archives which are generated in the user’s computer and that allow us to obtain information from the user.

The Holder considers that data protection of personal character from the under aged is essential, so in the case that the user is under aged, this person can only fill in his/her personal data through our questionnaires and with the consent of his parents or legal tutors, sending the corresponding questionnaire signed by the parents or legal tutors by certified mail and with a photocopy of the National Identity Document of his/her parent or legal tutor.

The Holder is not responsible for the data received that without knowing it has been received without the consent of his/her parents.