4 cells platforms

Different models are available with flat platforms and easy access to the zone of the cells and the junction box for its maintenance and cleaning. Complete range to solve different needs.


Removable sheet in stainless steel or painted version. A system of gas shock absorber allows the costumer to raise the scale with a minimum effort.


Platform pallet weighing with handle and wheelers to facilitate the sliding. Version with unic chassis and version with double chassis.


Solid, robust and resistant, it can support up to 30.000kg of weight. The P4A/P4A-R series has multiple functions including the weighing of coils, large stones or quarry blocks. Approved in legal metrology CE-M.


Thanks to its extra-flat weighing surface, it is ideal for weighing with mobile systems such as hand trolleys, wheeled containers, and small trolleys in the food industry. Its U-profile frame allows the weighing of pallets.


Industrial platform 4 load cells with tubular structure, Three different versions.


Extra flat raising platform with 4 load cells completely in stainless steel.


Extraflat platform with 4 load cells. Two versions: painted and stainless steel.


Platform with 4 load cells. Ideal for distributed or puntual loads.


Platform with 4 load cells with double frame. Two versions: painted and stainless steel.