The galvanised finish provides greater resistance to corrosion, facilitating the maintenance of the product and prolonging the life of the scale.

Metal ramps for weighbridge

These ramps enable the access to the weighing area during the entrance and exit of the scale.

Cubicles for weighbridges

A good engineering planning for the base allows the installation of the weighbridges in grounds with less consistency, making sure the compression of the cell and a precise and efficient weighing.

Headers for weighbridges

IPE perfil to be anchored to the input and output of the weighbridge. They serve as a formwork for the access ramps made of concrete or all coming to the scale.

Bearing guides

Detachable railings with a tubular outline to guide the lorry on the bearing track. For on-ground scales with a completly flat area.

Perimeter angle

Angles set with root foot to end the perimeter of the ditch for on-ground or pit weighbridges.

Panasonic circular injection screwdriver

The use of the circular, impact, Panasonic screwdriver with battery enables the user to assemble more quickly and easily Giropès weighbridges.

Capacity (t) Length (m) Width 3 m Width 3,3 m Height (mm)
30 6 300
30 8 300
30 10 300
60 12 300
60 14 300 / 330
60 16 300 / 330
60 18 300 / 330

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